Australian Embassy



Public Holidays 2015

Thursday, 1 January                           New Year's Day
Wednesday, 4 March Makha Bucha Day
Friday, 3 April Good Friday
Monday, 13 April Songkran Festival
Tuesday, 14 April Songkran Festival
Wednesday, 15 April Songkran Festival
Tuesday, 5 May Coronation Day
Monday, 1 June Visakha Bucha Day
Thursday, 30 July Asarnha Bucha Day
Wednesday, 12 August H.M. The Queen's Birthday
Monday, 7 December H.M. The King's Birthday (in lieu )         
Friday, 25 December Christmas Day
Monday, 28 December Boxing Day (in lieu )
Thursday, 31 December New Year's Eve

 Public Holiday 2016

Friday, 1 January New Year's Day
Monday, 22 February Makha Bucha Day
Friday, 25 March Good Friday
Wednesday, 13 April Songkran Festival
Thursday 14 April Songkran Festival
Friday, 15 April Songkran Festival
Friday, 20 May Visakha Bucha Day
Monday, 13 June H.M. The Queen's Birthday
Tuesday, 19 July Asarnha Bucha Day
Friday, 12 August H.M. The Queen's Birthday
Monday, 3 October Labour Day
Monday, 5 December H.M. The King's Birthday
Monday, 26 December Boxing Day
Tuesday, 27 December Christmas Day (in lieu )