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The Embassy complex is situated at 37 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok on 1.2 hectares (about 7.5 rai) of low lying and relatively flat land. It was designed by one of Australia's leading architects of the time, Mr Ken Woolley of the firm Ancher, Mortlock and Woolley. Local consultants for the project were M L Devakul, Architects.

The contract for the construction of the Embassy was signed on June 17, 1975.

The successful tenderer, Union Development Company Limited, submitted the lowest fixed price tender of 111 million baht with 47 million baht for technical and electrical fittings. Staff moved into the building on November 19, 1979, after previously being housed in rented premises on Silom Road.

Mr Woolley designed the building with the aim of combining the functional requirements of the Embassy with the special qualities of the site and general environmental aspects of Bangkok. The environmental qualities of the Embassy are very strong, being dominated by lush, green vegetation and numerous large trees.

The slate used to pave the forecourts and driveway leading into the Chancery was sourced from the Pattaya-Sattahip area of Thailand.

Use was made of water landscaping to provide a unique setting, to overcome problems of flooding and to add to the security of the site. The site was therefore transformed into a large pond or lake (klong) with a series of islands. The pond is a living ecosystem with fish and plant life. The fish help to clean the pond and eliminate a possible mosquito problem. The landscaped garden is filled with tropical plants brought from various parts of Thailand. The garden was originally designed by Bruce Mackenzie of Sydney. A feature in the front garden is the spirit house built of antique Thai timber.

Much of the artwork displayed in the Chancery is on loan from Artbank, a Commonwealth government program where over 8,300 artworks by some 2,500 Australian artists are rented out for display.

Situated on the busy Sathorn Rd, the Australian Embassy is in the heart of Bangkok's central business district.