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Doing business - How Austrade assist

How Austrade can assist you source Australian products and services

If you are based in Thailand and are looking for new, affordable products and services to give your business an edge, then our Austrade Thailand team is here to help you.

Australian products and expertise are renowned globally for high quality and innovation. Our industry experts based in our Bangkok office can help you reduce the time, risk and cost involved in doing business with Australia by:

  • Helping you identify and develop relationships with Australian suppliers;

  • Providing insight on Australian capabilities;

  • Facilitating introductions to Australian businesses at international exhibitions, buyer missions and other tailored industry and market events; and

  • Alerting you to the latest products and services from Australia to help you grow your business.

Austrade connects the strengths of Australian businesses with the needs of Thai businesses. We can open the door to a world of opportunities for your business.

Australia is globally competitive in a range of sectors. Here are just some areas where Thai companies have built their business by working with Australian partners: 

  • Food and beverage products of the highest international standard from some of the cleanest and greenest pastures and waterways in the world. There is also the increasing range of gourmet products bearing the 'product of Australia' label.

  • Consumer products – everything from fashion to furniture, and healthcare to cosmetics - are strongly associated with the Australian lifestyle.

  • IT - Australians have an international reputation as early adapters to new technology. Combine that with a strong history of R&D and you will not be surprised that Australia produces creative software solutions.

  • Mining and energy – Thanks to abundant mineral resources, skilled industry professionals, advanced extraction processes and cutting-edge technology, Australia is a leader in the global mineral industry. The scale of our resource industry has also helped Australia become a world leader in the development and manufacture of mining equipment, technology and services.

  • Defence industries – Australia’s defence industry has a proud history of delivering cutting-edge capability solutions for military operations both at home and overseas. Australian defence firms design, manufacture and maintain quality military equipment capable of operating in extreme conditions.

  • Advanced manufacturing accounts for around half of Australia’s A$104 billion annual manufacturing output and is one of the fastest growing export sectors. Specific areas of expertise include advanced composite structures, automotive technologies, cast metals manufacturing, railway engineering, and polymers. 

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