Australian Embassy

Visa Cancellation

Claiming superannuation

If you wish for your visa to be cancelled so you can request payment for your superannuation benefits you accrued while in Australia, you will need to lodge your request with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Hobart office.

Postal mail:

Department of Immigration and Border Protection 
Superannuation Certification and Cancellation Team
GPO Box 1496
Hobart TAS 7001

Please visit our website for more information on Accessing Superannuation Benefit

Request for International Movement Records

You can make a request for your International Movement Record with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australian Embassy in Bangkok. This service is free of charge.

To make a request, you need to complete Form 1359, and scan a copy of your passport. Then you need to email them to with the subject line ‘Request for International Movement Records” and stated the period that you wish to make an International Movement request.

The Embassy staff will email you the documents once it has been done.