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                        Expatriate Locally Engaged Designated Officer (LED)


Applications are invited for the visa officer positions, level 5 (LE5), at Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). The closing date for applications is Tuesday, 31 October, 4.30pm (Bangkok time). A Job Description that also sets out specific skills and other specifications is attached.

How to Apply

For any application to be ELIGIBLE and therefore considered, it must include the following:

  1. CV (Resume) - A maximum of two pages CV outlining previous relevant work experience in English language. Please include the names and contact details (phone number and email addresses) of two referees in the CV.
  2. A Statement of Claim addressing each selection criterion in no more than 350 words per criterion. For guidelines on how to write a Statement of Claims, please visit under ‘About Us’, ‘Job Opportunity’ and ‘Guidelines for addressing Selection Criteria’.
  3. Evidence of current Australian Government security clearance (if held).
  4. Evidence of citizenship (Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada or the USA)

The mission of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is to protect Australia’s border and manage the movement of people and goods across it.  The Department manages the Migration Programme, the Humanitarian Programme, Australian citizenship, trade and customs, offshore maritime security and revenue collection. 

The Department’s work supports the Australian Government to achieve strong national security, a strong economy and a prosperous and cohesive society.  The Department’s work touches every part of Australian life, industry and commerce, trade and travel, our national security, protecting our community and enforcing our laws, the security of our offshore maritime resources and environment, and collecting revenue for the Australia Government.

The Department has offices in every Australian state and territory and in 52 locations outside Australia.


Regional Overview

The Bangkok office is part of the Mekong Region. The main functions of the visa and immigration teams in the Mekong Region are to:

  • Process Australian visitor and temporary residence visas
  • Process Australian permanent migration visas
  • Process Australian citizenship by descent applications
  • Process Australian Refugee and Special Humanitarian visas
  • Undertake integrity checks and analysis on the regional caseload
  • Provide information to clients across the region

Brief Responsibilities

LEDs have a broad set of responsibilities; duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Assess and decide applications for visas and citizenship in accordance with relevant legislation, policies and procedures
  • Respond to client enquiries via phone, email or in person
  • Interview clients and where necessary request additional information to support an application
  • Consider integrity and risk in decision making, including
    • Maintaining knowledge of risk profiles and indicators in the relevant caseload
    • Identify and report integrity concerns and trends
    • Participate in integrity support activities
  • Preparing correspondence, case notes, assessments, and decision records
  • Provide leadership and support to a team
  • Represent DIBP to clients, migration agents and other stakeholders as required
  • Provide guidance and mentoring to less experienced officers in lawful decision making and writing decision records


Appropriate use of DIBP systems to:

  • Process applications
  • Manage caseloads
  • Conduct system checks and undertake research and analysis for integrity purposes
  • Record data including details of every client interaction
  • Analyse data and prepare reports

In addition to the responsibilities listed above the LEDs will be required to undertake ad hoc duties as directed primarily by the relevant Second Secretary (Senior Migration Officers), and also the First Secretary (Principal Migration Officer) and Counsellor (Chief Migration Officer) from time to time.


Work Level Standards


Provide mentoring, training, advice and guidance to less experienced officers. At times there may be a need to set the work direction and priorities of other team members. Will have the ability to identify issues of staff underperformance.


Expected to contribute to planning activities with the work area including long term planning for the section.

Resource Management

Responsible for resource management tasks such as managing accountable documents and monetary reconciliation.


Expected to maintain knowledge of information management legislation and conventions and ensure that these are applied in the work area.


Able to prepare replies to incoming correspondence in line with agreed formats and may contribute input into corporate documents for internal and external publication.

Research and Analysis

Responsible for performing research and investigation work and providing advice and interpretation within a specialist area.

Representing the Department

Able to liaise with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders as a representative of the Department.

Client Service

Responsible for assessing complex cases and responding to or escalating queries. Will be able to provide advice to team members, management and other overseas posts in their specialist area.



Contributes to Strategic Thinking

  • Understands the relationship between strategic decisions and work area processes and outputs
  • Understands business processes and factors influencing work plans and aligns their work practices with business goals and directions
  • Investigates and uses information from various sources
  • Maintains an awareness of activities and changes within the organisation
  • Applies research and analytical skills to problems involving ambiguity or uncertainty

Demonstrates Professional / Technical Proficiency

  • Resolves problems effectively using establish practices and methodologies relevant to area of specialisation

Achieves Results

  • Makes some contribution to planning the work of the area and identifies opportunities for effective resource use
  • Understands and effectively uses the available technical and professional skills and expertise within the work area
  • Participates in the implementation of change, exercises initiative and supports others to deal with change
  • Contributes to planning own and team work targets and deadlines

Supports / Cultivates Productive Working Relationships

  • Takes initiative in building rapport with clients and liaises effectively through internal and external networks
  • Works collaboratively within and across work areas and supports participative decision making
  • Recognises diversity and individual differences at work and attempts to understand diverse perspectives
  • Seeks and is responsive to performance management responsibilities in a timely and effective manner
  • Takes responsibility for delivery a high standard of client service and understands client service processes and practices

Displays / Exemplifies Personal Drive and Integrity

  • Provides leadership in ethical behaviour and ensures that the department’s goals, priorities and standards are met regardless of personal views or agenda. Displays the courage to commit to a difficult position and addresses difficult or controversial issues
  • Actively progresses work and shows initiative in achieving objectives
  • Adopts appropriate strategies to balance work and life and maintain a reasonable workload
  • Takes responsibility for ongoing personal and professional development and seeks opportunities to extend skills and knowledge

Communicates with Influence

  • Explains technical and complex information clearly
  • Represents the work area and prepares a range of correspondence that is easily understood
  • Welcomes and responds to feedback and adapt approach to ensure audience understanding
  • Approaches negotiation from an informed and credible position and facilitates difficult relationships


Selection Criteria

­Important Notice: Applicants must provide a brief written Statement of Claims of no more than 350 words per Selection Criterion to show their suitability under each of the following Selection Criterion. The Statement of Claims forms the most important part of the application, as this information, together with the resume, will be used to shortlist applicants for further consideration for the vacancy. There is no need for a covering letter.

  1. Demonstrate your ability to effectively manage large programmes or projects and meet goals within set deadlines;
  2. Demonstrate your ability to interpret and apply complex legislation and policy in a decision-making environment;
  3. Demonstrate your ability to prepare and present written reports based on research or data analysis of complex issues;  
  4. Demonstrate a high standard of client service and be able to provide reliable and informed advice to both internal and external clients and stakeholders; and
  5. Demonstrate your ability to lead and effectively communicate with a team of staff to deliver programmes whilst ensuring high levels of integrity and good decision making.

Contract Conditions


Expatriate Locally Engaged Designated Officer (LED)

Work Level Classification:

LE 5

Commencement Salary:

THB 64,013 - 69,893 per month



Date of Commencement:


Employment Period:

Eleven months

Probationary Period:

Three Months

Place of Work:

Australian Embassy, Bangkok


Applicants must be citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada or the USA who are entitled to work at a diplomatic mission in Thailand.

Employment will be subject to a satisfactory medical and police/security checks. The actual start date will be confirmed after advice has been received in regards to the outcome of the police checks which will be carried out in Thailand, Australia, any country where the successful candidate is a citizen, and any country where the successful candidate has resided for 6 months or more in the past 5 years. Please note that costs for police checks in any country other than Thailand will be met by the successful candidate.

Please note that all costs associated with the employee’s relocation to and stay in Thailand, including visa fees, are the employee’s responsibility. The Embassy can provide limited assistance to the employee requesting a Thai visa and permit to stay.  It is the employees’ responsibility to obtain the relevant documents and ensure that they are in compliance with immigration regulations that relate to their employment with the Embassy in Thailand. The Embassy is unable to assist with Thai Visa matters in relation to the spouse or partner or family members of an employee. Prospective applicants are advised to check their eligibility for a visa - and investigate living conditions and costs.

In considering this position, applicants should make themselves aware of the Australian taxation arrangements for Australian citizens working overseas

Please address your application to “Chair, Selection Committee: DIBP – LED Officer” and send your application to

Enquiries regarding the position may be directed to Alison Garrod, Counsellor, Immigration and Border Protection at

Please note that only ELIGIBLE applications will be considered, and only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview and provided with feedback on the selection process, on request.


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