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DIAC - Partner Migration Visa

Partner Migration Visa

  • Partner visa is for applicants who are either legally married to or in a de facto relationship with their partners (including same-sex partners)

  • Prospective Marriage (fiancée) visa is for applicants who are engaged to be married to their eligible sponsors and they intend to marry within 9 months after the visa is granted Important things to remember when making an application

Applicants are required to disclose information about all previous visa applications. The provision of false or misleading information in an application could lead to the application being refused.

It is also important that you lodge a complete application. A complete application is one that provides all information necessary for a decision to be made. You should support your application with as much information as possible at the time of lodgement as a decision may be made solely on the information that you have provided with your application.

Documents required for a Complete Application

You may be asked to provide further documents or information relating to your particular circumstances after your application has been lodged. The list of supporting documentation below is not exhaustive. You may also include additional documents if they are relevant to your application. You should provide original documents and a set of clear copies. All originals will be returned to you after the copies have been certified. You should also provide an English translation of any document in another language.

• Form 47SP – completed in English and signed by the applicant

• Form 40SP – completed in English and signed by the sponsor

• A non-refundable Visa Application Charge (VAC) payable either by cashier’s cheque (if purchased in Bangkok or Nonthaburi, Samutprakarn provinces) or ‘Bank Draft’ (only if purchased in Thailand) payable to ‘Australian Embassy Bangkok’ in Thai Baht. Personal cheques are not acceptable. Please refer to current charges.

• Two passport photographs of each person included in the application

• Birth certificates, identity card, household registration for the applicant (and each person included in the application) as well as copies of the details page including photograph of the passports (if available) of all people included in this application and non-migrating children aged under 18 years. Please ensure the passport details are correct. The names must be correctly spelled and all other details must match your other documentation.

• Official name/surname change certificates for all name changes for all persons included in the application

• Death certificates of any deceased children and previous spouses/partners; and if applicable, all divorce certificate(s)

Health and Character Clearances

• Medical results for the principal applicant and all persons included in the application and all non-migrating children aged under 18 years whether they are in the applicant’s custody or not. The approved forms must be used. The examination must be undertaken by a doctor who is on the list of approved doctors provided by the Visa and Immigration Office, Australian Embassy Bangkok.

A list of these doctors is on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Website.
The medical forms may be obtained from the Australian Visa Application Centre at any time and the medicals may be undertaken in advance of the lodgement of the application, however, you should note that in the event the application is refused no refund of the cost of the medicals is possible.

• Original police clearance certificate(s) from every country the applicants (if aged 16 years and over) have resided in for a total of 12 months or more during the last 10 years. Details are available on form Character Requirement Penal Clearance Certificates. Specific forms to apply for Australian police clearances are available at the Australian Visa Application Centre.

The application for a Thai police clearance may be made at the Special Branch Bureau, Royal Thai Police Headquarters, Rama I Road, Bangkok, building 24. Application forms and detailed instructions are also available at that location.

• Military service and/or discharge papers

• If a serving member of a military force, a good conduct certificate

 Evidence of Relationship

• Written statements from the applicant and from the sponsor detailing the history of the relationship i.e. how, when and where the first meeting took place and how the relationship developed

• Written supporting statements from at least two people who are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia and who know you and your sponsor. These statements can be made on form 888 or as a Statutory Declaration.

• Evidence of contact/relationship with the sponsor (for example: letters with original envelopes, emails, telephone bills, photographs, money transfers, etc.)

• The marriage certificate, if married

• Evidence that the relationship has existed for a minimum of 12 months before the lodgement date of the application, if applying as de facto partner

 Prospective Marriage (Fiancée)

• A letter from an authorised marriage celebrant stating date and venue of the marriage ceremony and confirmation that a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) has been lodged with the celebrant

• Official document issued by district office to confirm the applicant’s single status or that the applicant is free to marry the sponsor

• Physical evidence that the applicant had met the sponsor in person before the time the application was lodged such as photographs.

Custody and Parental Consent for Migrating Children

• Documents to verify the custody of all children included in this application, i.e. Divorce memorandum or Por Kor 14 or death certificate if one of the child’s parents is deceased

• A written statement from the non-migrating custodial parent or legal guardian of each child consenting to the grant of a visa for that child to migrate permanently to Australia with the applicant. A certified copy of the other parent’s passport or identification card must also be provided

Information and documents required from the sponsor

• 1 passport photograph

• Statement on the relationship

• Evidence of Australian citizenship or permanent resident status or of being an Eligible New Zealand Citizen. An Eligible New Zealand Citizen is described on form 40SP and in booklet 1 “Partner Migration” which is available on the Department’s website An Eligible New Zealand Citizen is also required to complete health and character checking

• Evidence that may establish the sponsor’s financial ability to provide settlement support to the applicant(s) (eg. Evidence of employment, Tax assessment notices, business documents if self-employed, superannuation documents if self-funded retiree). If insufficient evidence is provided an Assurance of Support may be requested

• If applicable, all divorce certificate(s)

• If there is a child under 18 years of age included in the application, the sponsor is required to provide:

        • an Australian National Police Certificate if the person has spent a total of 12 months or more in Australia since turning 16 years of age; and

        • police checks from each country other than Australia in which the person has spent a total of 12 months of more in the last 10 years since turning 16 years of age.

An NPC may be obtained from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Information on obtaining the check is available from the AFP website or by telephoning the AFP on (02) 6202 3333.

When completing the NPC application form please use Code 33 at Question 1 on the form and include details of any, and all, names he has been known by. If an AFP certificate is provided based on incorrect information, the department may request another certificate. Please note fingerprints are not required for the NPC.Australian National Police Certificate if the person has spent a total of 12 months or more in Australia since turning 16 years of age; and police checks from each country other than Australia in which the person has spent a total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years since turning 16 years of age.

Visa application processing time

You can expect a decision on your application within 3 months from the day you lodge your application. The processing time may take longer if the application was incomplete at the time of application or if there are other issues with your application such as character issues relating to previous immigration history or criminal convictions, child custody issues, or if further medical checks are required. If your application is likely to take longer than 3 months you will be fully informed of the reason for any delays.

Can I ask another person to deal with the Embassy on my behalf?

Australian privacy laws prevent this office from responding to enquiries from people not authorised by the applicant. This includes the sponsor of the application. If you want to authorise another person to be able to discuss your application with this office, or for them to receive correspondence about the application, you should indicate this on the application form, a written statement or by using a form 956.

If you wish to discuss any matter face to face with an officer of the Visa and Immigration Office you can make an appointment by telephone 02 344 6449.

For further detailed information about Partner Migration, please see the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website