Australian Embassy


                                                                           Australian Embassy Public Holidays 2018


           Monday 1 January

       New Year's Day 

           Tuesday 2 January

       New Year's Eve (in lieu of 31 December)

           Friday 30 March

       Good Friday

           Friday 13 April

       Songkran Festival

           Monday 16 April

       Songkran Festival (in lieu of 14 April)

           Tuesday 17 April

       Songkran Festival (in lieu of 15 April)

           Monday 11 June

      H.M. the Queen's Birthday

           Monday 30 July

      H.M. the King's Birthday (in lieu of 28 July)

           Monday 13 August

      H.M. Queen Sirikit's Birthday & Mother's Day (in lieu of 12 August)

           Monday 15 October

      H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej Memorial Day (in lieu of 13 October)

           Wednesday 5 December

      National Day & Father's Day

           Tuesday 25 December

      Christmas Day

           Wednesday 26 December

      Boxing Day

           Monday 31 December

      New Year's Eve