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Voting in Federal Election

Voting in Federal Election

Can I vote ?  - If you are an Australian citizen living overseas you can vote but you need to be enrolled. To enrol, check or update your enrolment details visit The deadline for enrolling or updating your details for the federal election is 8pm, Thursday 18 April (Australian time in the electorate you’re enrolled). Staff at the Australian Embassy cannot answer any questions relating to your enrolment. The AEC can be contacted directly by Ph: +61 2 6160 2600, or email,

Can I vote at the EmbassyYes. Voting at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok will be available on Tuesday 7 MayFriday 10 May and Monday 13 May – Friday 17h May between 9-3pm.  An appointment is not required. The Embassy will not be open for voting on Election day.

What if I can’t come to the Embassy to vote ?  - You can apply for a postal vote online now at If you are overseas and unable to vote, complete an overseas notification form and return it to the AEC. Being overseas is a valid reason for not voting.

What do I need to bring ? – You will need photo identification to gain entrance to the Australian Embassy. You will also need to bring either your Australian drivers licence number or Australian passport number. The documents themselves are not required, just the numbers which are recorded.