Australian Embassy

Getting Married in Thailand

Getting Married in Thailand

The Australian Embassy will issue a Certificate of No Impediment for Australians to get married in Thailand.

Please follow the link for information on the steps Australians need to take to ensure that their marriage in Thailand is recognised as a valid marriage in Thailand and Australia. This information is provided in both English and Thai, please click here.

A Certificate of No Impediment is issued by appointment only. It is not mandatory for the partner to attend the appointment. 

Before your appointment, please ensure that you have:

  • The appropriate supporting documentation - original photo ID and divorce papers or death certificate (if applicable) for both the applicant and partner; and
  • A completed application form. Please do not sign the form until your appointment when staff can witness your signature.  

For the Certificate of No Impediment form, please click here.

Please note that the form must be completed in English.  Forms including Thai will not be accepted and staff are unable to translate a form that is completed or partly completed in Thai.