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Press Release 2020 - Makkasan Railway Library

              A New Children’s Library Opens in Makkasan Railway Community:
                                      A Safe Space for Children to Read and Learn


15 June 2020

H.E. Allan McKinnon PSM, Australian Ambassador to Thailand recently presided over the opening ceremony of a children’s library at the Makkasan Railway Community in Ratchathewi District, Bangkok. The project is a collaboration between the Learning Management for Community Association (LMCA) and the Makkasan Railway Community. It is funded by the Australian Embassy Thailand under Direct Aid Program (DAP) which works to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development in Thai communities.

Reading is one of the fundamental skills for children and it is an important tool for improving the quality of life. LMCA is an organisation that works to promote education and encourage community participation to improve the quality of life of children, especially those from disadvantaged communities.

Makkasan Railway Community is a large community with a population of over 605 families, and over 500 children. The community needed a creative space for learning to keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing society.

As part of the project, the children’s library was created with 667 children’s books, including story books, comics, encyclopaedias, foreign language training handbooks, and various literary books.  There are also activities at the library to enhance skills and develop children’s creativity by encouraging imagination through reading.  

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