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Partner and Prospective Marriage Visa Application Refusal Without Notice

Partner and Prospective Marriage visa applications Refusal Without Notice

From 18 November 2017:

  • The department will move to decide Partner and Prospective Marriage visa applications lodged by registered migration agents on or after 18 November 2017 in a more efficient and timely manner. This means that undocumented or poorly documented applications may be refused without notice and without a further opportunity to submit additional evidence in support of the claimed spouse or de facto partner relationship;
  • Where natural justice letters have been sent, applicants represented by a registered migration agent will not be sent follow up or subsequent reminders in relation to their obligation to respond. If the response timeframe has passed and the Department has not received a response or a request for extension of time, the Department will decide the application based on the information before it; and
  • In relation to applications lodged prior to 18 November 2017, the Department will provide one opportunity to submit additional information and/or documents or respond to a natural justice letter. A decision will be made on the application in the manner described above after the timeframe for response has passed.