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Defence ACSC Overview

2019 Australian Command and Staff Course (Joint) Overview


Three (1 x RTA, 1 x RTN, 1 x RTAF) positions will be available to Thailand for the 2019 Australian Command and Staff Course (ACSC). The 2019 ACSC will be conducted at Australian Defence College (ADC, Canberra) during the period Jan to Dec 19.

The ACSC is aimed at the ranks of Major or Lieutenant Colonel (04 or 05 or equivalent). Candidates should have clear potential for higher ranks and must possess effective English language skills sufficient to study at a postgraduate level. There are two pathways available for the 2019 ACSC, the enrolled pathway and the non-enrolled pathway (non-enrolled places are limited). Further information relating to the pathways and the English language requirements is provided on the DCP website.  

Australia will be providing an IELTS Preparation Course during the period 19 Feb - 18 May 18 for eligible 2019 ACSC candidates. The full time course (300 hours) will be conducted by IDP Silom and it is designed to support the candidates to achieve an IELTS-A score of 6.5 (no skills lower than 6) by 30 Jun 18. Please note, in order to be eligible for this training candidates must have achieved the following ADFELPS levels by 15 Jan 18; S6, W6, L6, R6. This is the minimum requirement to be eligible for the 2018 IELTS Preparation Course and no waivers will be granted. An outline of the 2018 IELTS-A training schedule and requirements is provided on the DCP website. 

Each service is requested to nominate at least two candidates for the 2019 ACSC positions. Each candidate is requested to submit their CV, nomination form, ADFELPS Writing Paper (writing task from ADFELPS test) and ADFELPS Test Report to the DCO by 15 Jan 18. Candidates that have achieved a valid (test taken between the period 01 Jan 17 - 15 Jan 18) IELTS-A 6.5 score with no skills lower than 6 are requested to submit their IELTS-A Test Report instead of the ADFELPS Test Report (no requirement for ADFELPS testing for these candidates). The following documents are provided on the DCP website; CV template and nomination form. ADFELPS tests are coordinated through the Service Language Centres.   

Please note, candidates are requested to use the CV template provided on the DCP website when submitting their nomination. The candidate’s CV must provide a detailed employment history (including the nature of work experience and tasks undertaken in each role) and list key duties undertaken in each position.

If you have any further queries regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact the DCO, Khun Sawitree Jongsuwat via telephone at 02 344 6386 or via email at [email protected]