Australian Embassy

Press Release 2014 - Military Coup

The Hon Julie Bishop MP

Military Coup in Thailand

23 May 2014

The Australian Government is gravely concerned that the military has seized control of government functions in Thailand.

We are seeking more information on this regrettable development and are reviewing implications for government-to-government relations between Australia and Thailand. I have discussed developments with Australia’s Ambassador to Thailand and we will be making clear our concerns to authorities in Bangkok and through the Thai Embassy in Canberra.

All Australians travelling to Thailand, or already in Thailand, should continue to exercise a high degree of caution and pay close attention to their personal security. Australians should obey the nationwide curfew between 10 pm and 5 am. Australians should follow the instructions of local authorities and avoid all demonstrations and protest sites, political events and large-scale public gatherings.

Australians travelling to Thailand should visit, familiarise themselves with the travel advice, subscribe to receive regular updates and register their travel plans.

The Australian Government had hoped that the declaration of martial law on 20 May would provide sufficient security to allow negotiations leading to the early return to democracy in Thailand.

We continue to hope that a way will be found for all parties to resolve their differences through dialogue. Australia believes that sustainable political stability is more likely to be found in the restoration of a democratically elected government operating under the rule of law.

Australia and Thailand have enjoyed a substantial and warm relationship for more than 60 years, based on shared interests and goodwill. We look forward to our Thai friends enjoying political stability and social harmony again soon.

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