Australian Embassy

Press Release 2014 - People smuggling to Sri Lanka

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection 

People smuggling venture returned to Sri Lanka


29 November 2014

The Australian Government continues its close cooperation with the Sri Lankan Government to disrupt people smuggling ventures departing Sri Lanka.

On 26 November 2014 a people smuggling venture carrying 38 Sri Lankan nationals attempting to travel illegally by boat to Australia was successfully disrupted.

Every boat that departs is encouraging people smugglers and their customers to think there is an illegal way to Australia. There is not.

“There are only two outcomes for people who travel illegally by boat to Australia,” Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon. Scott Morrison said.

“They will be intercepted and either turned back, or sent to another country, either Papua New Guinea or Nauru, for processing and resettlement in that country. Resettlement in Australia is not an option.

“The rules apply to everyone. There are no exceptions.

“This is the Australian Government’s policy and it will not change.”

Australia will continue to work with its regional partners to disrupt people smuggling ventures and protect its borders.

People should not believe the lies of people smugglers and seek to come to Australia illegally by boat. The way to Australia remains closed.

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