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Press Release 2017 - Culinary Exchange Program

   Culinary Exchange Program Forging a Stronger Australia-Thai Relationship

30 November 2017

Two Australian students from Rosny College Tasmania, Isaac Reeve and Jesse Norris, along with their teacher, Tess Henry, visit Thailand this week to learn how to cook Thai food as part of the culinary exchange program under ‘Thai Kitchen to the World’ project.

The Thai government sponsors the international Thai Kitchen to the World program, now in its fifth year that gives teachers and students, working and training in Tasmania the opportunity to travel to Thailand and train in the art of Thai cooking at the Suan Dusit International Culinary School.  The Australian students receive the guidance and instructions from the experts in the Thailand’s culinary world and gain an insight into the unique way of life in Thailand.

In exchange, Ms Henry and the Australian students will demonstrate the art of bread making to Thai students and teachers at the culinary school. Australian Ambassador to Thailand HE Mr Paul Robilliard attended the presentation, today.

This program is not just about food but it is also about developing links and understanding between countries as well as symbolizes the friendly and bilateral relationship between Australia and Thailand. Through this program, both Australia and Thailand demonstrate their capabilities in vocational education training (VET).  Every year the number of enrolments at VET institutions grows in Australia. These institutions form a core pillar of Australian education system, upskilling young adults to find the jobs in competitive labour markets.

“VET sector plays an important role in keeping Australia’s economy strong and giving people more choice and opportunities. Currently, 40 per cent of business owners in Australia hold a certificate level qualification, diploma or advanced diploma. VET is certainty a driving force for entrepreneurship and business start-ups in Australia.” Ambassador Robilliard said.

Over the past 20 years, Australia’s VET system has evolved through the collaborative efforts of government and industry. Given the significant contribution to the Australian workforce, it is imperative that VET graduates have skills that closely match job requirements and are transportable between employers, industries and labour markets.

Australia has over 4,500 VET providers all over countries and there were over 4.5 million VET students in Australia in 2015 which 187,320 of them are international students. Currently 27,000 Thai students are studying in Australia and of these, approximate 15,000 are VET students.










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