Australian Embassy

Press Release 2018 - Ambassador for Counter Terrorism

               Australian Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism’s visit to Thailand

20 April 2018

The Australian Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism, Paul Foley, visited Thailand from 18 to 20 April to promote regional and bilateral cooperation between Australia and Thailand on the shared threat of terrorism and violent extremism.

Australia is committed to working closely with our key partners, particularly ASEAN, to enhance regional cooperation to strengthen our security and prosperity. To that end, last month Australia hosted a Counter-Terrorism Conference for ASEAN officials as part of the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit in Sydney. Officials’ discussion and the outcomes of the Conference were reported to leaders at the Summit the following day.

Also during the Special Summit, ASEAN and Australia made an historic agreement to enhance regional security, with the joint signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Cooperation to Counter International Terrorism. The MoU will intensify Australia’s engagement with ASEAN in our shared efforts to combat terrorism. This agreement will strengthen information sharing arrangements across our governments, and deepen dialogue across security and law enforcement institutions.

During Ambassador Foley’s visit to Bangkok he met Thai officials to discuss the outcomes of the Counter-Terrorism Conference, including the MoU, as well as opportunities to enhance bilateral counter-terrorism cooperation between Australia and Thailand.

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