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Press Release 2019 - Boomerang

             Air Force strengthens regional partnerships with fighter exercises

3 September 2019

The Royal Australian Air Force has deployed more than 120 people and six aircraft from RAAF Base Amberley to participate in two bilateral fighter exercises in the South East area of operations.

Exercise Thai Boomerang and Exercise Elang AUSINDO will run consecutively from 02 September to 28 September 2019 in Thailand and Indonesia.

Six F/A-18F Super Hornets from Number 1 Squadron departed Amberley on 28 August to start the month long fighter combat readiness training.

Officer Commanding No. 82 Wing, GPCAPT Stephen Chappell said that exercises like these demonstrated the close relationship Australia has with its regional partners.

“The focus of regional exercises like Thai Boomerang and Elang AUSINDO is integration and interoperability.” GPCAPT Chappell said.

“Not only are we learning from our partners about how we can best operate with each other, we’re continuing to strengthen the positive relationship we have with our neighbours.

“Our personnel have the opportunity to integrate in a partnered environment while building both professional and personal networks that will enhance and strengthen our partnerships into the future.

“These types of exercises are also important for the development of our people. It is an opportunity to challenge the team in an unfamiliar and often demanding environment.  As the exercises progress we will throw more and more complex scenarios at the team to see how they operate when they are outside their comfort zone.

Australia has been participating in Thai Boomerang since 1992 and Elang AUSINDO since 1995. 






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